vCISO Services & Cybersecurity Risk Assessments. 

Be Compliant.  Be Secure. 


One of our most popular retainer services has been the vCISO offering. 

It offers organizations large and small assistance in building and executing their cybersecurity programs.


We support the organizations designated CISO or ISO in defining and executing all elements of the Cyber Program (Governance, Policies / Procedures, Risk Assessments, Vendor Due Diligence Programs, Incident Response Planning and Management, Training / Awareness, and more. 


Paul Osterberg

Paul has experience in technology, strategic planning, operations, and cybersecurity.  Paul currently serves multiple organizations as their vCISO.

​  Our Mission

    To help financial services firms solve their most challenging

   strategic business issues through critical thinking, rigorous

   project management, and/or the savvy use of practical   

   technologies.  Simultaneously, we work to make every client     both cyber compliant and secure.



Comprehensive business and technology consulting services you and your company can trust.


Our Principals have practical experience as executives at successful national independent broker dealers and investment advisors.  We have experience running independent financial advisory firms.  We have worked with and for regulators.  We are adept at automating operational and compliance functions.

We are able to help you to redesign front office technology solutions for advisors, institute a move from commission focused business to fee business, or integrate and rollout various value added services and/or technology provided by the home office to its advisors.  We have helped numerous broker dealers evaluate their clearing and custodial relationships gaining the most from your existing or new partners. 


We maintain an established close-knit team of preferred experts in the areas of technology, marketing, graphic design, compliance, and regulatory services and can leverage such relationships for our client's benefit.

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our services

Strategic Planning

Strategy Basecamp works with your team to develop strategic business or technology plans customized to focus your firm's efforts on achieving its goals.  We also offer benchmarking services designed to help you understand how your firm compares to the industry.


02. Cyber Risk Assessments

Utilizing the output of the vulnerability scans / relevant penetration tests, Strategy Basecamp can inventory and risk-rank all critical assets for protections, your specific threats, and your specific vulnerabilities.  We then formulate a cybersecurity protection plan.  


03. Cyber Policies & Procedures 

We craft a customized version of your firm’s policies and procedures covering the governance, technical controls, incident response, vendor management, training, etc. The document would meet regulatory expectations.


04. Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning 

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments play an important role in identifying vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a hacker and lead to a breach. Strategy Basecamp and its partners can help you electronically uncover the threats and vulnerabilities specific to your organization and help you devise a plan to address them.

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